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ABOUT - Tbee illustrations author and illustrator

This page is still under construction! Stay tuned!



Talmage Burdine

Talmage (Tal) Burdine has worked with children for many years, in many capacities. Tal has always had a passion to help children learn and grow.  The areas where he has helped develop children include public school teacher to children's pastor to coach and more.

Tal has always been drawn to juvenile art and children's books. He has always dreamed of illustrating, designing and authoring children's books. 


... more to come


Fernnie the Fish

The first book is now published. It has been a long journey that started a few years ago. 

"I have always wanted to do things that help children understand important concepts in life. One such concept is helping them learn to show kindness and understanding to others."

.... more of the story to come. 

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